November Election Endorsements

California General Election - November 8th, 2016


ADA SoCal endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary Election in June.  National ADA is committed to defeating Donald Trump and has since endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.  California is a blue state which will overwhelmingly vote for Clinton. We are determined to continue the Revolution that Bernie has been calling for by working to elect progressives right here in California for National, State and Local offices.  We have many opportunities to do that this year.  Progressive Races to focus on.

There are quite a few propositions facing us this time.  The outcome of these ballot measures can determine whether Californians will choose a progressive course on a lot of urgent issues.  Scroll down to see our ballot measure recommendations. More about our Ballot Proposition Endorsements.

Please share our endorsements with everyone you know.  Please commit to volunteering or donating to at least one of the ADA-endorsed candidates.  Let's make sure that as many progressives as possible get elected.  Don't sit this one out!

There is a Printable Version of this document - print it out and take it with you to your polling place!


President: Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris


U.S. Congress:

CD 23 - Wendy Reed
CD 25 - Bryan Caforio
CD 27 - Judy Chu
CD 28 - Adam Schiff
CD 31 - Pete Aguilar
CD 32 - Grace Napolitano
CD 33 - Ted Lieu
CD 34 - Xavier Becerra
CD 37 - Karen Bass
CD 38 - Linda Sanchez
CD 40 - Lucille Roybal-Allard
CD 41 - Mark Takano
CD 43 - Maxine Waters
CD 44 - Nanette Barragan
CD 45 - Ron Varasteh
CD 46 - Bao Nguyen
CD 47 - Alan Lowenthal
CD 48 - Suzanne Savary
CD 49 - Doug Applegate


California State Senate:

SD 25 - Anthony Portantino

SD 27 - Henry Stern
SD 35 - Warren Furutani
SD 39 - Toni Atkins


California State Assembly:

AD 43 - Laura Friedman
AD 44 - Jacqui Irwin
AD 46 - Adrin Nazarian
AD 47 - Eloise Reyes
AD 51 - Jimmy Gomez
AD 53 - Miguel Santiago
AD 59 - Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer
AD 66 - Al Maratsuchi


LA County Board of Supervisors:

4th District - Janice Hahn
5th District - Darrell Park


Superior Court:

Judge-Superior Court Office 11:  Debra Archuleta
Judge-Superior Court Office 42:  Alicia Molina
Judge-Superior Court Office 84:  Susan Jung Townsend
Judge-Superior Court Office 158:  Kim L. Nguyen


 Local Races:

(We're committed to Bernie Sanders' Revolution by electing Progressives to local, down-ballot races.  Most of these folks were Bernie Sanders delegates to the DNC) 

Anaheim City Council - Dr. Jose F. Moreno
Cajon Valley Union School Board - Ramona Irwin
Carson City Council - Brandi Williams-Murdock
El Cerito City Council - Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto
Fontana School Board - Bobbi Jo Chavarría
Garden Grove School Board - Nick Dibs
Hemet City Council, District 3 - Bryan Hash
Malibu City Council - Jennifer de Nicola
San Luis Obispo Mayor - Heidi Harmon
Tri-City Healthcare District Board of Directors - Margie Castellano


Ballot Propositions:

We are recommending a YES vote on all the California Ballot measures except 53, 60, 65 & 66 - so if you don't want to have to remember all of them, just remember to vote NO on these and YES on all the rest! 

California Ballot Measures: 

Prop. 51 – School Bonds.  Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities -  YES
Prop. 52 – Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program -  YES
Prop. 53  - Revenue Bonds -   NO
Prop. 54 – Legislature.  Legislation and Proceedings -  YES
Prop. 55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare -  YES
Prop. 56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research YES
Prop. 57 – Criminal Sentences.  Parole Juvenile  YES
Prop. 58 – English Proficiency.  Multilingual Education YES
Prop. 59 – Corporations.  Political Spending YES
Prop. 60 – Adult Films.  Condoms.  Health Requirements  NO  
Prop. 61 -  State Prescription Drug Purchases YES
Prop. 62 – Death Penalty YES
Prop. 63 – Firearms.  Ammunition Sales YES
Prop. 64 – Marijuana Legislation.  Initiative Statute YES
Prop. 65 – Carryout Bags.  Charges  NO
Prop. 66 – Death Penalty.  Procedures  NO
Prop. 67 – Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags    YES 

Los Angeles County Ballot Measures:

Measure A – Save, Clean Neighborhood Parks, Open Space, Beaches, Rivers Protection and Water Conservation -  YES
Measure M – Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan -  YES

Los Angeles Ballot Measures:

HHH Homelessness Reduction and Prevention – YES
JJJ Affordable Housing and Labor Standards – YES
RRR LADWP Charter Amendment – NO

Culver City Ballot Measures:

CB – Waiting Period for City Council Members to Run Again – YES
CD – Flexibility on Holding Meetings around Holidays – YES
CW – Parcel Tax to Prevent Water Pollution in Ballona Creek – YES

 Analysis and explanation of our November 8, 2016 Ballot Measure endorsements: More about our Ballot Measure Endorsements

Learn more about our endorsement process here!

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