We don't just want you to join and support ADA SoCal.  We want you to get involved with the work we're doing.  

You don't have to be a board member of ADA SoCal to serve on a committee.  Any member of Americans for Democratic Action can serve.  Through our committees, we're doing some of our most important work.

Issue Committees:

  • The Environment 
    • Chair: Khin Khin Gyi 
    • Fracking, dismantling Nuclear power plants, water and drought, global warming
  • Education 
    • Chair: Ankur Patel
    • Public Education Funding, Curriculum, Field Trips, Partnerships
  • Peace 
    • Chair: John Seeley
    • Supporting the Nuclear Disarmament, Opposing drone strikes and Preventing the US from getting further mired in war
  • Healthcare 
    • Chair: Nancy Niparko
    • Single-Payer Healthcare, Prescription drug prices
  • Justice 
    • this includes Police Brutality, standing up for Undocumented Immigrants, standing with Muslim Americans against bigotry
  • Commission on Race
    • Bob Farrell

Pick the issue that you care most about and join us to educate and work on moving it forward!

We also have organizational committees, which allow us to focus our action:

  • The Endorsement Committee works on elections, candidates and ballot measures.
    • Chair: Ankur Patel
  • We just started a Social Media Committee to help get the word out.
    • Chair: Amy J Smith
  • We are also looking to start Membership and Event Committees to round out the functional aspects of our Americans for Democratic Action chapter.

Each Committee will be developing their own page and have something published on this website by the June Board meeting.