We don't just want you to join and support ADA SoCal.  We want you to get involved with the work we're doing.  

You don't have to be a board member of ADA SoCal to serve on a committee.  Any member of Americans for Democratic Action can serve.  Through our committees, we're doing some of our most important work.

Issue Committees:

  • Environment 
    • Chair: Khin Khin Gyi 
    • Fracking, dismantling Nuclear power plants, water and drought, global warming
  • Education 
    • Chair: Ankur Patel
    • Public Education Funding, Curriculum, Field Trips, Partnerships
  • Peace 
    • Chair: John Seeley
    • Supporting the Nuclear Disarmament, Opposing drone strikes and Preventing the US from getting further mired in war
  • Healthcare 
    • Chair: Nancy Niparko and Betty Toto-Doumas
    • Single-Payer Healthcare, Prescription drug prices
  • Justice 
    • This includes Police Brutality, standing up for Undocumented Immigrants, standing with Muslim Americans against bigotry
  • Commission on Race

Pick the issue that you care most about and join us to educate and work on moving it forward!

Organizational Committees:

  • Endorsements 
    • Chair: Thom O'Shaughnessy
    • Works on elections, candidates and ballot measures.
  • Social Media
    • Chair: Amy J Smith
    • To help get the word out
  • Membership 
  • Events  
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  • Alan Michelson

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