"Welcome to the Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action, a premier multi-issue progressive political advocacy organization in the United States. We were founded in 1947 by Eleanor Roosevelt, Arthur Schlesinger Jr, and Hubert H. Humphrey."

Americans for Democratic Action is a nationwide, multi-issue progressive/Left organization that was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1947. The  Southern California Chapter is the largest and most active. We are working on supporting and electing progressive candidates who will put the needs of their constituents ahead of corporate donors. We are committed to Single-Payer Healthcare (Medicare For All), staving off the Climate Catastrophe that is bearing down on us and fighting against the corruptive influence of Big Money on our Electoral System.

You can become a member of ADA SoCal here: DONATE and support the work we’re doing. Board meetings are usually the first Tuesday of the month and all are welcome to attend and participate. Let us strive to create a more just, equitable and sustainable community, state, society, nation and world!





ADA SoCal Endorsements

Here is the list of endorsements for the June 7th, 2022 Election.
Please refer here to the Endorsements Link ,on it you'll find HOW WE MAKE OUR ENDORSEMENTS.

Click here for printable Endorsements Document


State Administrators

Governor: Javier Luis Rodriguez

Controller: Ron Galperin

Insurance Commissioner: Mac Levine

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

Board of Equalization Member District 3: Tony Vazquez

U.S House of Representatives

District 27: Ruth Luevanos

District 28: Judy chu

District 29: Angelica Deuñas

District 32: Shervin Aazami

District 33: Ted Leiu

District 34: David Kim

District 37: Daniel Wayne Lee

District 38: Linda Sanchez

District 40: Asif Mahmood

District 42: Cristina Garcia

District 43: Maxine Waters

District 44: Nannette Barragan

District 45: Jay Chen

District 46: Mike Ortega

District 47: Katie Porter

District 49: Mike Levin

District 50: Kylie Louie Vie Benitez Taitano


California State Senate

District 20: Caroline Menjivar

District 24: Ben Allen

District 26: Maria Elena Durazo

California State Assembly

District 40: Pilar Schaivo

District 44: Laura Friedman

District 50: Eloise Reyes

District 51: Louis Abramson

District 52: Miguel Santiago

District 57: Reggie Jones Sawyer

District 62: Maria Estrada

District 65: Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Seat 3: -Henry Stern

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Candidate- Robert Luna

Judicial Races

Office#3  Sherilyn Peace Garrette

Office#60  Anna Reitano

Office#67  Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes

Office#70  Holly Hancock

Office#90  Kevin McGurk

Office#116 Lloyd Handler

Office#118 Carol Jiyoung Park

Office#151  Patrick Hare

Office#156  Carol Elsewick

Mayoral Race
Karen Bass

City Attorney:
Faisal Gil

Los Angeles City Controller
Candidate- Kenneth Mejia


District 2: Rocio Rivas

Los Angeles City Council

District 1: Gill Cedillo & Eunisses Hernandez (Dual Endorsement)

District 5: Jimmy Biblarz & Scott Epstein (Dual Endorsement)

District 9: Adriana  Cabrera  (Write In)

District 11:Erin Darling

District 13:Hugo Soto Martinez & Kate Pynoos (Dual Endorsement)

District 15: Danielle Sandoval

Beverly Hills City Council

Sharon Nazarian

Culver City City Council

Khin Khin Gyi




Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón
Speaks at at ADA SoCal Zoom Meeting


LA County D. A. George Gascón speaks at the ADA SoCal Board Meeting 4/6/21.  He spoke about his progressive values in dealing with Public Safety and his approach to Law Enforcement.   

Los Angeles County D.A George Gascón

Click Image to watch the YouTube meeting





Americans for Democratic Action Southern California



Vote by Mail Early

Every year, pundits and politicians declare that “This year is the most important election you’ll ever vote in.”  And this year, it might be true.  This is the year that America comes closest to becoming an authoritarian, fascist country.  


Californians will be voting by mail, but if you want to make sure your ballot is counted, follow the instructions to the letter - make sure your signature looks like the one that’s on file - mail in your ballot early so that Trump’s postmaster general won’t delay it getting to where it can be counted.  We’ll share more information with details on how to make sure your ballot gets in properly as we get closer to the election.  

Below is a list of endorsements, and if you'd like to an explanation of our endorsements please click here.   If you would like to know how we pick our endorsements click here.

If you would like to download a PDF copy  click here



President: Joe Biden


US Congress:

District 27 - Judy Chu

District 29 - Angelica Dueñas

District 33 - Ted Lieu

District 34 – David Kim

District 37 - Karen Bass

District 43 - Maxine Waters

District 44 - Nanette Barragan

District 45 - Katie Porter

District 47 - Alan Lowenthal

District 50 - Ammar Campa-Najjar


California State Senate:

District 25 - Anthony Portantino

District 27 - Henry Stern


California Assembly:

District 43 - Laura Friedman

District 46 - Adrin Nazarian

District 47 - Eloise Reyes

District 59 - Reggie Jones Sawyer

District 63 - Maria Estrada

District 70 - Patrick O'Donnell


LA County Supervisor:

District 2 - Holly Mitchell


LA County District Attorney:

George Gascón


Superior Court

Office 72 - Steve Morgan

Office 80 - Klint James McKay


LA City Council

District 2 - Paul Kerkorian

District 4 - Nithya Raman

District 10 - Grace Yoo


Burbank City Council

Nick Schultz


Culver City Council

Khin Khin Gyi

Los Angeles School Board:

Patricia Castellanos, Scott Shmerelson

Los Angeles Community College District:

Trustee #1 – Andra Hoffman

Trustee #3 – Anthony Danna

Trustee #5 – Michelle Manos

Trustee #7 – Mike Fong

Garden Grove School Board – Nick Dibs

California Ballot Measures:

Prop. 15 – Split Roll on Prop. 13 -  YES
Prop. 16 – A Return to Affirmative Action –  YES
Prop. 17 – Would Allow Parolees to Vote - YES
Prop. 18 – Would Allow 17-year-olds to vote –    YES
Prop. 19 - Property Tax Exemptions -    YES
Prop. 20 – Tougher Parole –  NO
Prop. 21 – Rent Control –  YES
Prop. 22 – Special Rules for the Gig Economy –  NO
Prop. 23 – Kidney Dialysis –    YES
Prop. 24 – New Consumer Privacy-  YES
Prop. 25 – Eliminate Cash Bail -   YES
LA County Measure J – Alternatives to Incarceration - YES





The horror of George Floyd's murder has inspired a deep debate about re-envisioning Public Safety in America.  The call to “Defund The Police!” does not mean the elimination of law enforcement -- it means divesting money from bloated police budgets and investing instead in people to deal proactively with addiction, homelessness and mental illness. Gun-toting police aren’t the answer to these problems.  So many police shootings occur in the context of these issues.  

Militarizing the Police hasn’t reduced crime. Neither has throwing more and more money at police departments.  It’s time to try something different.  Eugene, Oregon has been diverting money from its police to the hiring of medics and social workers to address addiction issues, mental illness or homelessness ---and it’s been very effective.

The latest Los Angeles City Budget was slated to devote 54% of discretionary funds to the LAPD.  Now, in response to the protests, the City Council is considering cutting between $100 and $150 million from Mayor Garcetti's original budget. But this is merely rolling back a yearly hike in spending — it's not the serious change that’s needed.  New York's City Council is talking about cutting $1 billion from their police budget, so LA could make more drastic cuts and fund needed community services. This would also free up police officers to do things they are uniquely suited to - such as solving crimes!  

Black Lives Matter has put together a powerful proposal along these lines.  You can read it at: https://peoplesbudgetla.com.

We’re asking LA Residents to call their City Council members and ask them to get serious about a new approach to public safety -- substantial cuts to LAPD and moving the money into community services for crime prevention and for non-violent crisis resolution. Tell them his is the moment for real substantive change, not merely trimming around the edges. Here is a list of Los Angeles City Council members:



Map of Council District Boundaries

Council Member District 1 - Gil Cedillo   (213)473-7001
Council Member District 2 - Paul Krekorian (213) 473-7002
Council Member District 3 - Bob Blumenfield (213) 473-7003
Council Member District 4 - David E. Ryu (213) 473-7004
Council Member District 5 - Paul Koretz (213) 473-7005
Council Member District 6 - Nury Martinez (213) 473-7006
Council Member District 7 - Monica Rodriguez (213) 473-7007
Council Member District 8 - Marqueece Harris-Dawson (213) 473-7008
Council Member District 9 - Curren D. Price, Jr. (213) 473-7009
Council Member District 10 - Herb J. Wesson, Jr. (213) 473-7010
Council Member District 11 - Mike Bonin (213) 473-7011
Council Member District 12 - John Lee (213) 473-7012
Council Member District 13 - Mitch O'Farrell (213) 473-7013
Council Member District 14 - Jose Huizar (213) 473-7014
Council Member District 15 - Joe Buscaino (213) 473-7015


When you’ve made the call, please email us back at [email protected] and let us know what the result of your call was.  

Let’s work together to build a just, equitable and less violent city and nation! We encourage you to join ADA and support the work we're doing!  [Donate]


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