BERNIE SANDERS for President:
The problems we are facing will not be solved by elected officials who take the marching orders from corporate donors.  It isn’t enough to beat Donald Trump if that means a return to the same kind of pay-to-play politics that stands as an obstacle to us passing Medicare For All, Free College Tuition and the Green New Deal.  We contend that not only is Bernie Sanders the candidate who has the best chance to beat Donald Trump, but he’s also the one with a grassroots strategy to mobilize Americans to get out and demand the kinds of changes we need it we’re going to survive as a society and as a species.  
ANGELICA DUEÑAS, C. J. BERIA and FRANCES MOTIWALLA for US CONGRESS:  Representatives Tony Cardenas, Brad Sherman and Jimmy Gomez are centrist, corporate Democrats representing districts that are much more progressive than they are.  If we can elect Bernie Sanders as President, these guys are going to be an obstacle to passing his bold and urgent agenda.  That’s why we’re supporting Angelica Dueñas in the 29th CD,  C. J. Beria in the 30th CD and Frances Motiwalla in the 34th.  Unlike the incumbents, they share our values and are poised to fight hard to enact them.  
GEORGE GASCÓN for LOS ANGELES DISTRICT ATTORNEY:  Incumbent DA Jackie Lacey has refused to prosecute when police kill unarmed civilians.  She is still filing death penalty cases, and the vast majority of these are against people of color. It’s time for her to go!  George Gascón was a police officer in Los Angeles, but has been serving much more recently as the DA for San Francisco, where he saw a reduction in incarceration and also in crime.  He embraces Restorative Justice programs.  He’s particularly focused on keeping juveniles out of a criminal justice system meant for adults.  And he won’t hesitate to investigate officer-involved shootings!
PATRICIA CASTELLANOS, JACKIE GOLDBERG, GEORGE MCKENNA and SCOTT SCHMERELSON for LOS ANGELES SCHOOL BOARD: Los Angeles has more charter schools than any other city in the country.  Most of these are run by corporations.  They are largely unregulated, unaccountable and they mostly employ non-union teachers. If we can elect all four of the candidates we’re endorsing, we have the opportunity to reverse this trend and strengthen our public school system in a way that benefits students, teachers and our communities, and not billionaire charter school donors.