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Ballots for the March 5 th California Primary Election have been arriving in our mailboxes. This is
a very challenging election facing us. So many of us on the Left are disheartened that President
Biden is enabling a horrific human rights crisis in Gaza. Some of the most dependable
Democratic constituencies; Young People, African Americans and Muslim Americans are so
distressed that they are thinking of sitting this election out. We mustn’t succumb to that kind of
despair. Even if you can’t bring yourself to cast a vote for the President, there are so many
other races on the ballot where Progressives who share our values are running against MAGA
Conservatives and Corporate Centrists, so there’s always a reason to vote!


ADA Southern California is very proud of the work we do in endorsing candidates and ballot measures.  As soon as the candidate filing period ends, we send out endorsement questionnaires to the candidates running.  We ask questions about our own values as a progressive organization: their stances on single-payer healthcare, reproductive choice, affirmative action, etc.  We also ask the candidates pointed questions about the responsibilities of the office they're seeking.  Often a completed questionnaire is sufficient for us to make an endorsement.  But when there's a crowded field of candidates, we will hold candidate forums to give our membership a chance to hear from those running.  

We don't typically endorse a candidate unless we receive back an endorsement questionnaire.  If a candidate neglects to respond to our request, it sometimes indicates that they're not seeking the support of progressives in the race they're in.  

We seek candidates who are both credible as progressives, and viable as candidates.  There are times when the candidate who is very likely to win is someone we'd never endorse, and then, we consider an outsider who may not be viable, but truly embraces ADA's values.  

We have helped a lot of our elected officials to get elected.  And once in office, these are people that we have a relationship with, people whom we can lobby on issues about peace and justice.  That's why our endorsements are so important.  And that's why it's so important that ADA members and supporters get out to vote in every election!

You can download a pdf file having all the endorsements to print out.    Click here to download.

Some of the pages will have explanations of preferable candidates.


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