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Welcome to our 2024 Endorsements Pages.  Each Endorsed Candidates are divided by submenus which you'll find above with each election category.
Click on the top menu and a pulldown menu will appear with each of the categories. For instance when you click on the "Endorsements" menu of the top of the page, a list of categories will appear with ie., U.S. House of Representatives, which will have a more in depth summary of candidates running and their link to their webpages and a image of them.  They also listed above in a blue button where the word Endorsements is in a red Button.

Ballots for the March 5 th California Primary Election have been arriving in our mailboxes. This is
a very challenging election facing us. So many of us on the Left are disheartened that President
Biden is enabling a horrific human rights crisis in Gaza. Some of the most dependable
Democratic constituencies; Young People, African Americans and Muslim Americans are so
distressed that they are thinking of sitting this election out. We mustn’t succumb to that kind of
despair. Even if you can’t bring yourself to cast a vote for the President, there are so many
other races on the ballot where Progressives who share our values are running against MAGA
Conservatives and Corporate Centrists, so there’s always a reason to vote!

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