Established in 1981, the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action Foundation's mission is to study the impact of pending legislation before federal, state an local governing bodies from the point of view of constitutional concerns and to inform and educate the public on such issues.

Since 1981, the SCADA Foundation has been influencing public policy through research, publication and education. Among its many activities have been:

- Student Voter Project: Register 18-year old high school students in Los Angeles public schools.

- Eleanor Roosevelt Institute: Research and publish findings on public policy issues including:

- Advocating a Single Payer Health Care program & the expansion of Medicare.

- Instituting true Campaign Finance Reform including the public financing of campaigns.

- Ending the privatization of Social Security & other public benefit programs.

- Increasing the minimum wage & supporting a living wage.

- Converting the "peace dividend" from the end of the Cold War to domestic social programs.

- Supporting gun control measures to end the human carnage caused by guns.

SCADA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible as governed under IRS regulations.


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