If we can elect Rocio Rivas to the LA School Board, the faction that supports Public Schools and the teachers’ union will finally be in the majority and can apply scrutiny to the corporate, for-profit charter schools that are draining our public school system dry and diverting our tax dollars into the pockets of their executives.

ADA SoCal Endorses Rocio Rivas for LAUSD DISTRICT 2

Dr. Rivas is a strong advocate for authentic parent participation and engagement in public education. She has served as a parent in School Site Council and PTA. She also worked for LAUSD as a Community/Parent Representative in a school in Highland Park.
Since 2019, Dr. Rivas has worked on the LAUSD School Board for elected member Jackie Goldberg. Dr. Rivas serves as Policy Deputy, acquiring and sorting through data to inform policy development on charter schools, early education, dual language and bilingual education, magnets, and arts education, to name a few critical areas. Dr. Rivas is the Board Member’s point person for all the public schools in Elysian Valley, Glassell Park, and Eagle Rock as well as in El Sereno, City Terrace, Highland Park, and Cypress Park. This latter set of communities is now situated in District 2.

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Vote for Rocio Rivas for LAUSD District 2
November 8th, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Kelly Gonez for LAUSD District 6

Every child in our community deserves an excellent public education; fighting to make this a reality has been my life’s work. As School Board President, I have successfully made sure that the East San Fernando Valley gets its fair share, bringing enriching opportunities like many more dual-language programs, magnet programs, and the first-ever Center for Enriched Studies to our community. I have pushed for our District to tackle long-standing segregation and promote greater diversity in all our programs. Most of all, I am guided by the needs of our schools and our community, spending countless hours at every school. I have met individually with every principal and collaborated with teachers, parents, and students regularly both to hear their concerns and work together to solve our District’s most vexing problems.

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Vote for Kelly Gonez for L.A. School Board
on November 8th
, 2022.


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