More about our Ballot Measure Endorsements

California General Election - November 8th, 2016

More about our Ballot Measure Endorsements:
      (Here is the logic behind our support or opposition to various ballot measures)

We are recommending a YES vote on all the California Ballot measures except 53, 60. 65 & 66 - so if you don't want to have to remember all of them, just remember to vote NO on these and YES on all the rest!

Prop. 53 - Revenue Bonds - NO
This bill would require a vote by the electorate on any big projects. This means voters in Inyo County would be weighing in on projects that might only affect Los Angelenos. We at ADA SoCal believe that the best place for legislation to happen is the legislature. Requiring a vote on each measure will prevent a lot of good projects from moving forward.

Prop. 55 – Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare - YES
This measure would continue the tax Californians approved a few years go to rescue our economy to be extended for high income earners to we can pay for schools in our state.

Prop. 56 – Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research - YES
Studies overwhelmingly indicate that when the price of cigarettes goes up, the percentage of young people who start smoking goes way down, which makes it harder for cigarette companies to replace their customers who die of smoke-related illnesses. If we raised the price of cigarettes by one dollar and then flushed that dollar down the toilet, it would still be better for Californians than if we didn't raise taxes on cigarettes. But in this case, the new cigarette tax would mostly go to Healthcare and Tobacco use prevention.

Prop. 58 – English Proficiency. Multilingual Education - YES
It's time to undo the damage done by Ron Unz's racist ballot measure forbidding multi-lingual education.

Prop. 59 – Corporations. Political Spending - YES
This measure calls upon our congressional representatives to work toward overturning Citizens United. It's a good way to get progressives to the polls and to let our elected officials know that Californians reject the Supreme Court's awful decision enshrining the notion of Money = Speech into our nation's jurisprudence.

Prop. 60 – Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements - NO
Los Angeles County passed a measure requiring actors in porn to wear condoms. The result was that the porn industry left Los Angeles County for places that are much less likely to regulate the industry, taking with it a whole lot of Union camera people, editors, sound people, makeup artists. Passage of this bill will encourage the further loss of a source of a lot of decent-paying union jobs.

Prop. 61 - State Prescription Drug Purchases - YES
When big Corporate entities like the Pharmaceutical Industry spend many millions of dollars to try to defeat a ballot measure, it might be worth fighting to pass it!

Prop. 62 – Death Penalty - YES
This bill would finally eliminate the costly, wasteful and easily abused Death Penalty in California.

Prop. 64 – Marijuana Legislation. Initiative Statute - YES
It is high time that we ended the Drug War and stopped jailing young people of color for enjoying a substance that unlike alcohol and tobacco (which kill millions of people each year) has no actual toxic dose. If we can pass this in California, it will lead the way to many other states to pass it.

Prop. 65 – Carryout Bags. Charges - NO
This was put on the ballot by the Plastic Bag manufacturers who were miffed that the legislature banned the plastic bags that are filling the Pacific Waste Gyre, so they cooked this measure up to punish grocers for selling multiple use bags.

Prop. 66 – Death Penalty. Procedures - NO
This bill would make it easier to execute people on death row more quickly.

Prop. 67 – Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags - YES
This is our chance to slap down the Plastic Bag Manufacturers for saddling us with another costly initiative and vote once-and-for-all to ban the bags in California.

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