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California General Election - November 8th, 2016

Progressive Races to Focus On:

California is a very solidly blue state. The presidential race won't be won in California. We at ADA SoCal certainly encourage our members to volunteer to make calls for Hillary Clinton in battleground state, or to make calls on behalf of beleaguered Democratic Senatorial candidates in places like Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. But there's so much to do right here at home to continue Bernie Sanders' Revolution by electing real progressives to Congress, the State Senate and Assembly.

US Congress District 44:
Progressive Environmentalist Nanette Barragan is running against Isidore Hall for Janice Hahn's House Seat. The LA Times wrote an article about Hall's run for State Senate in a recent special election where they commented on how he was giving cigars and sporting event tickets to his corporate donors. http://www.latimes.com/local/politics/la-me-pol-isadore-hall-20141130-story.html

US Congress District 46:
Progressive Mayor of Garden Grove Bao Nguyen is running against anti-environmentalist former State Senator Lou Correa. Correa voted against the bill to ban fracking in California. Correa was also the lone Democratic legislator to vote against Single-Payer Healthcare before it was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger

US Congress District 35:
Progressive former State Senator, Assemblyman and President of the LA School Board Warren Furutani is running against Assemblyman Steven Bradford. Bradford told ADA SoCal President Clifford Tasner that he considers the three oil refineries in his district to be his "constituents." He argues that California will never have the kind of Fracking-related earthquakes that Oklahoma has because "We do fracking right!"

US Congress District 47:
Eloise Reyes is running against anti-environementalist incumbent Cheryl Brown, who was the pivotal vote to scuttle Governor Jerry Brown's ambitious car mileage standards portion of his Climate Change bill.

There's another crucial Congressional race where a progressive Democrat is pitted against a Far-Right Conservative who is one of the most vulnerable in the country:

US Congress District 25:
Progressive Bryan Caforio is running against Steve Knight, one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House. If we have any hope of trying to take back the US Congress, this is a great race to start with. Democrats outnumber Republicans by a small margin here. But the Koch Brothers are spending a bunch of money to keep the seat in Republican hands.

If you live in any of these districts, we'd like to get you out to volunteer for these campaigns.
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