November 4th is Election Day.  It's a midterm election, which means that a lot of the biggest Democratic constituencies are inclined to sit this one out, so the outcome of the election is more likely to be determined by a lot of fired-up Republicans.  We am urging you to get out and vote!  Another low-turnout election could be very damaging to California and the U.S. as a whole.  

Here are some races that are top priorities:

1).  Sheila Kuehl for County Supervisor:  Sheila has been an incredible public servant.  She was the author of the Single-Payer healthcare bill that the legislature passed (and Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed).  She is the progressive running against, surprisingly enough, a member of the Kennedy clan, Bobby Shriver.  Shiver is one of those big-money, corporatist Democrats.  He's getting a lot of donations from developers and corporations, and Republicans.  If Sheila wins, we're going to see a lot of positive changes for LA County.  She is the one to get out to vote for.  

2).  Proposition 45:  Health Rates.  YES.  This would allow California's elected Insurance Commissioner to approve rate increases for Health Insurance, something he can already do for car insurance and homeowners insurance (a power that has saved Californians billions of dollars since the office was created).  35 other states have an official that can approve rate increases.  We don't.  This would solve that.  Which is why the Insurance companies are spending upwards of $45 million to defeat this.  Don't be gulled by their ad campaign!  Rates won't go up if this passes, but I promise you they will if it fails.  Already, Anthem has announced an 8% increase and our excellent insurance commissioner Dave Jones can't do anything to stop them, unless we vote to pass Prop. 45!

3). Betty Yee for State Controller:  Betty Yee.   Betty was an outstanding member of the state Board of Equalization.  She is an unabashed progressive who wowed the California Democratic Convention this year with a fiery speech about the need for the democratic party to stop ignoring the grassroots activists who are its heart and soul.  She's pitted against the Republican mayor of Fresno - one of the more economically impoverished cities in California.  It's going to be a tight race.  Please get out and vote for Betty Yee!  

4). Proposition 47: Safe Neighborhoods Act. YES.  This measure would allow non-violent, and victimless crimes to be considered misdemeanors so law enforcement priorities can be focused on the really heinous stuff.  This also makes it so that some kid who gets busted for drug possession won't have her life ruined and be denied student financial aid and an opportunity to get a good job later on.  


Click here for all of our endorsements so you can be ready on Election Day!



Has been committed to getting progressives elected to office,and making sure they stay true to progressive principles, since 1947.

 ADA conceived the now widely imitated Congressional Scorecard, to let our citizens know how their representatives actually voted on vital issues, as compared to the promises made in campaign speeches.

 ADA's Endorsement process vets candidates and initiatives at Local, State and Federal levels. From Municipal School Boards and Judgeships to the National Races, we do the research, look at history, assess the political climate, interview candidates, and recommend champions of Liberal Values who are worthy of your vote.

 During their terms in office, we are vocal and extremely active in making sure that our Elected Representatives stay true to the cause of Justice, Equality and A Fair Shake for working families and the poor.

 It is our profound belief that a well informed citizenry can create humane governance at the Ballot Box

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