Ankur Patel Fundraiser Brunch Saturday 3/17/18

Ankur Patel Fundraiser Brunch Saturday 3/17/18!


On the 17th of March in the year 432,

the heroic Saint Patrick famously drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

On that same day, the equally heroic Saint Ankur, without benefit of publicist,

Drove all the snakes out of India.

We are celebrating these two glorious events on

St. Patrick's Day

17 March 2018

with a

Fundraising Brunch


Celebration of The Heroic Ankur Patel--

Saint Ankur’s modern-day namesake 

We want to see Ankur elected to the 45th Assembly District so that

he can help pass a slew of beneficial bills,

Make California even greater, and 

Drive all the snakes out of Sacramento!

Sponsored by



At the home of Jan Goodman and Jerry Manpearl

939 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica, CA  90402

Special Guests include: Lila Garrett, Harvey Wasserman and

The Right Honorable Patrik O'Ghandi, 

President of the Southern California Chapter of the Hibernian/Indian Brotherhood League* and the

Honorary Mayor of the Sister Cities of Dublin, Punjab, and Encino* and

Author of "You Say Potato, I Say Aloo"

Co-Hosts include 

Patricia Hoffman, Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights*, Santa Monica Democratic Club*, Myla Reson, Secy, PDSMM*, Jeanna Harris, Betty Toto, Feminists for Patel

*Organizations listed for Identification Purposes only


This is a fundraiser, but if you’ve never met Ankur Patel, 

please come and be our guest!


Also:  Optional Phone Banking Opportunity after brunch, for those who have the time and ability/inclination 

to help Ankur get in touch with the voters in his district.  

Since this is a special election, the turnout is expected to be tragically low, 

making every vote we can turn out, count 10 fold!



or call (818) 739-9131 


To find out more about Ankur Patel or to 




​The 45th Assembly District is in the West Valley and runs from Encino to Calabasas to the edge of Ventura County