Phonebank to stop Trump appointees: Call progressive states with Republican senators


Help block Trump’s Cabinet of dinosaurs, dunces and deniers of climate change -- a bunch of billionaires and bigots.
Join our phone bank targeting the swing senators who can save us from the Cabinet of Clowns --

WHEN: Mon. 1/30 & Tues 1/31 from 5 to 830 PM, further times TBA
WHERE: the Peace Bldg, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City 90250

Free ice cream for those calling Alaskans.
RSVPs or Q's -- [email protected]



Trump finds substantial support for his crazy and counter-productive immigration ban because he touts “extreme vetting,” a notion based on our “common-sense” perception that people’s beliefs and behavior reflect the culture they come from.
If that’s a principle good enough to set criteria for entry to America’s shores, then it should certainly be applied to those entering the most powerful posts in the nation.

When an Attorney General nominee is born in Selma, Alabama, that might raise questions about his racial attitudes, and when reports surface of racially motivated prosecutions he engaged in, plus hostility to women’s rights and voting rights, maybe “extreme” and thorough vetting is required.

Likewise, when a Secretary of State nominee has spent his career in an industry where profits rise with carbon emissions, do some vetting. If he headed a corporation that has lobbied and propagandized against the truths of climate change, vet seriously. If his company has a multi-billion deal with Russia he would be able to revive from his Cabinet seat, the vetting needs to be extreme.

And yet, in order to minimize exposure of these nominees’ records, (or those of the foreclosure king named for Treasury, the climate denier proposed for the EPA, etc etc) hearings have been shortened in an unprecedented way, and scheduled one on top of the other so that Senators have to split their time between two panels, and media attention is equally divided.

We need FULL hearings on ALL of Trump’s Cabinet of Clowns, with complete and transparent records provided by all nominees.
In order to defeat some of these atrocious nominees we expect Democrats to slow the process down while we talk some truth to voters in the states where Republican senators might jump off the Trump Train.

Join us in reaching out to Democrats, Libertarians and Independents from Alaska to Arizona. Phone banks 5 to 8 Mon & Tues, later times TBA. RSVP [email protected]

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