Executive Orders - Muslim Ban


On Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order immediately halting immigration for residents and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries. Immediately following the signing of the bill, green card holders and permanent residents of the United States, as well as visa holders and their families were left stranded overseas or detained in airports throughout the United States. In response, thousands of Americans took to airports all over the country to protest.


Here in Los Angeles, reports put weekend crowds at over 20,000. Protests continued through the week in lesser numbers and though this massive protest causes delays for travelers, the great majority of travelers were supportive of it.

Sadly, we continue to get reports of detainees at LAX; as of last night there was still at least 25 immigrants being held. Detainees are reportedly being denied the opportunity to speak with attorneys, the use bathrooms and access food and water. We’ve also heard people have been forced to sign I-407’s to voluntarily relinquish their visas and have been deported despite the Stay. Despite this treatment, those that do make it through Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are smiling and relieved to see family and protesters waiting to greet them.

ADA would like to take a moment to recognize the efforts of protesters all over the country and thank them, along with the attorneys that have offered their services pro bono, translators who have been invaluable in helping the Attorney’s communicate with detainees and organizers. We’d also like to thank the LAX Airport Police and LAPD who showed immense support at this peaceful protest. We’d be remiss not to mention the ACLU, Judge, Ann M Donnelly and Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates for fighting against this Executive Order.

This order does not reflect American values.

We must continue to resist.

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