L.A. County City Council and Mayoral Races




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ADA SoCal Endorses Karen Bass for Los Angeles Mayor

Karen has represented Los Angeles in both Sacramento and Washington, DC for more than 14 years but has stayed rooted in the community here at home. She served as Speaker during California’s greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Under her leadership, the Assembly fast-tracked federal economic stimulus legislation that aided Californians who were affected by the national economic crisis and jumpstarted billions of dollars in infrastructure projects. In addition to helping navigate the state through a very difficult time, she passed legislation to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for Californians and championed efforts to improve California’s child welfare system.

She is a leading figure on foster care, founding the Los Angeles-based National Foster Youth Institute, which advocates for the more than 400,000 foster youth in America by ensuring that current and former foster youth have a seat at the table alongside legislators, policymakers, decision makers, families, and advocates..

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 Vote for Karen Bass for Los Angeles City Mayor on June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Gil Cedillo
for L.A. City Council

My involvement included cleaning up California’s brown fields, supporting state oversight and fair share zoning for transitional and emergency homeless shelters (SB 2), protecting workers’ right to organize (AB 1889), advocating for the Downtown Rebound (AB 2870), granting drivers' licenses to undocumented immigrants (AB60) and authoring the California Dream Act (AB 130 and 131). In total, I authorized over one hundred bills that were successfully signed into law across four California governors.

I advocate for equity while expanding tenant rights. Recognizing our City’s shortcomings in meeting housing demands, particularly for our underserved, I was the first to declare a ‘Housing Crisis’ in Los Angeles. I’ve committed much of my office’s efforts to setting and surpassing numerous smart growth initiative through increasing employment opportunities and affordable housing. 

These housing commitments extend to tenant rights protection, which I’ve supported through fighting against increasing rents and displacement, clarifying the role of landlords through 14 amendments to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), and chartering the Ellis Act amendments to avoid abuse of the law and stop illegal evictions.

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Vote for Gil Cedillo L.A. City Council
June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Eunisses Hernandez for L.A. City Council

Our communities are suffering due to decades of bad policy and negligent city council leadership. The result is an unprecedented housing crisis, the nation’s largest jail population, and severely underfunded social services. The people of CD1 deserve better.

Needs such as deeply affordable housing, structurally supported alternatives to incarceration, and expanded social protections that protect Angelenos from the violence of poverty. As a lifelong CD1 resident, she has made a successful career out of actively fighting for this vision in the name of her neighbors and loved ones.

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Vote for Eunisses Hernandez for L.A. City Council on June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Adriana Cabrera for
L.A City Council District 3

Low poverty wages and wage theft left me and my family to live with ten people in one room until we found affordable housing. I firsthand experienced the challenges people living in extreme poverty face. Growing up I sold gelatinas at our local laundry mat with my mother to help ends meet. 

Currently, I serve as a CA Democratic Assembly Delegate for the 59th District. I'm also a member of the South Central LA Tenants Union and Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club and Co-Founder of South Central Mutual Aid.

In 2016, I led efforts to combat the hate that emerged towards immigrant communities with the 45th President of the United States election. My accomplishments include;

  • Organizing with Respect Student Immigrant Rights Education (RISE) to establish the Dream Resource Center at LA Trade Tech Community College (LATTC)


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Vote for Adriana Cabrera for L.A. City Council
District 9 on 
June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Erin Darling for L.A. City Council District 11

I am a civil rights lawyer, a surfer, and a father of a three-year-old.

I was born and raised in Venice.

I attended California public schools from kindergarten through law school. I graduated UC Berkeley School of Law and returned home to Venice to begin work representing low-income tenants facing eviction and often homelessness. As a lawyer, I have won tangible victories on behalf of regular people who have been wronged by the powerful. But the problems we face as a community go beyond what any righteous lawsuit can solve. 

We live in the wealthiest council district in Los Angeles, one filled with talented people. The Westside can be a model for how to solve our city’s shared problems. Let’s be leaders and channel our abundance to create a safer, more livable Los Angeles.

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Vote for Erin Darling for L.A. City Council
June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Hugo Martinez-Soto for
L.A. City Council District 13

What we need now are council members who won’t shy away from the work that goes into long-term solutions, just so they can secure short-term political gains.

There is no single issue in Los Angeles more urgent or devastating than our housing and homelessness crisis. It’s now common knowledge that nearly five people die on our streets every night. The unhoused in our communities aren’t choosing to be homeless, they are victims of a manmade disaster-- and we should start treating them like we would someone who lost their home in a wildfire or earthquake.

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Vote for Hugo Martinez-Soto for L.A. City Council on June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Kate Pynoos for Los Angeles City Council District 13

I am running because our community deserves better.

I am running because our local leaders have failed. I am running because I am an imaginative progressive who knows this community and has the experience to deliver for our community starting on day one.

Working in city government, I have seen so many policies come up short of truly serving Angelenos because politicians prioritized raising lots of money, particularly from real estate developers and corporate landlords, over what our community truly needs.

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Vote for Kate Pynoos for City Council District 13 on June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Danielle Sandoval for L.A. City Council District 15

Danielle Sandoval is a community leader, entrepreneur, and third-generation Angeleno. As the former President of the Harbor City Neighborhood Council and the area’s Budget Advocate, she speaks truth to power to ensure working families receive the resources they deserve.

With more than a decade of advocacy experience, Danielle holds City Hall accountable for delivering clean air, especially to communities impacted by the Port of LA, and ensuring essential services are provided equitably to underserved communities.

She serves on the Los Angeles County Assessor's Advisory Board. In her six years as the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate, she hosted workshops educating the public on the city’s budget and civic engagement and seeing firsthand how policy decisions at City Hall exacerbate inequity in our neighborhoods.

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Vote for Danielle Sandoval for City Council District 15 on June 7, 2022.


ADA SoCal Endorses Jimmy Biblarz for City Council District 5

Over the years, I learned that housing insecurity is not my unique story, it’s a Los Angeles story, a California story. This is a crisis. No family should have to worry about where they are going to sleep at night in a city as wealthy as LA.

I’ve spent my life researching inequality and fighting injustice. The time for change in LA is now. That’s why I’m running. 

I’m committed to tackling our most pressing problems: housing and homelessness, economic injustice, racism and anti-Semitism, and the climate crisis. As an LGBTQ+ renter and union-member, these issues are personal for me. We need new, progressive leaders who will tackle our crises at their core. Join me today.

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 Vote for Jimmy Biblarz for L.A. City Council on June 7, 2022.

ADA SoCal Endorses Scott Epstein for L.A. City Council District 5

I am running for city council to make LA work for all of us, and I will bring leadership to city hall that is grounded in community, guided by compassion, and focused on results

I’m running to take bold action on these issues, and I have the skills in policy analysis, community engagement, and coalition-building to get the job done. As Chair of the Mid City West Neighborhood Council, I leveraged a shoestring budget to bring millions of dollars into the community for safer streets. As Founder of the Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition, I created the space that led to the only Bridge Home Shelter in CD5. I transformed Mid City West into a hub of proactive, progressive action on the most important issues our city faces. Now I’m bringing that energy to this movement for change in CD5. I hope you’ll join me.

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Vote for Scott Epstein L.A. City Council District 5 on June 7, 2022.



ADA SoCal Endorses Dr.Sharona Nazarian for Beverly Hills City Council

My goal is to ensure a safe and vibrant Beverly Hills that will be even more attractive for future generations to come. My current and past work and life experiences have prepared me to be an effective City Council member.

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Vote for Sharona Nazarian for Beverly Hills City Council on June 7, 2022.


Culver City  City Council

ADA SoCal Endorses Khin Khin Gyi for Culver City  City-Council 

My platform can be summarized as:
   C -  for climate change-partnering with the BOS at LAC who have passed a resolution to phase out fracking & drilling in the Inglewood Oil Field.
   H - Homelessness solutions that include health care paradigms built into housing first provisions with Culver City’s motel re-purpose plan.
   A  - Affordable housing by re-purposing vacant commercial buildings into mixed-use housing developments.
   P - Public safety that involves community partnership model of proactive guardian model of community policing.

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Vote for Khin Khin Gyi for City Council Culver City on June 7, 2022.
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